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The Year of Faith and the New Evangelization

            The true task of the Year of Faith is so simple we might miss it: it is a call to be in a relationship with Jesus—not to just know of him, but to know him. Faith practice is like a marriage that has many good and holy distractions: children, work, worship, and any number of special events in the course of a year. Yet the heart of the thing is the relationship of the lovers at its center. It all begins with an encounter with another person, and the development of an ongoing committed relationship that leads to fruitful love. Everything about the Year of Faith should point to Jesus and flow from him. Pope Benedict XVI has called for this special year as “an invitation to “an authentic and renewed conversion to the Lord” If we only know of Jesus, let this be our year to risk knowing him better, to grow in friendship that leads to intimacy with the Lover of our soul.
During the Year of Faith, the Basilica will be offering many programs and events. But all of it means nothing without that first level of attachment and connection: a personal encounter with Christ that leads to communion with him. “Father…this is eternal life that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.”
(The words of Jesus in John 17:3 and the opening words of the prologue to the Catechism of the Catholic Church).

Year of Faith

Please join the Basilica of Saint Mary Star of the Sea for a year-long series of events to share in the Holy Father’s celebration of faith. The first event being offered here at the Basilica is Fr. Robert Barron’s ten part series “CATHOLICISM”. This multimedia series shows and tells what Catholics believe and why, drawing from scripture, the Catechism, and the spiritual masters. It highlights the Church’s global culture, the incomparable beauty of its art and architecture, and the goodness of its people. Catholicism seeks to bring the Faith into participant’s hearts and minds, thereby strengthening their conviction and empowering them to live their Faith.

Registration will take place after all masses on October 13th and 14th.  Two different sessions are being offered: Tuesday mornings 10/16/12 -12/18/12 from 8:30-10:00 AM in the Renewal Centerand Thursday evenings 10/18/12-12/20/12 from 7:00-8:30 PM in the Basilica SchoolLibrary. Participants may rotate between sessions but all are encouraged to attend the entire ten sessions. A brief thirty minute small group discussion will follow each episode. For more information please contact Brenda Callahan directly at or visit our parish website or our parish FACEBOOK page at

Year of FaithYear of Faith Prayer

We stand before you, Holy Spirit,
conscious of our sinfulness,but aware that we gather in your name.

Come to us, remain with us, and enlighten our hearts.

Give us light and strength to know your will, to make it our own, and to live it in our lives.

Guide us by your wisdom, support us by your power,for you are God, sharing the glory of Father and Son.

You desire justice for all:
enable us to uphold the rights of others; do not allow us to be misled by ignorance or corrupted by fear or favour.

Unite us to yourself in the bond of love and keep us faithful to all that is true.

As we gather in your name
may we temper justice with love,
so that all our decisions may be pleasing to you,and earn the reward promised to good and faithful servants.

You live and reign with the Father and the Son, one God, forever and ever. Amen.

(This prayer was used by Pope John XXIII 
at the Second Vatican Council and then prayed by all the Bishops at the beginning
of every session)